Smithsonian’s controversial panel on ‘White Culture’

“Whiteness” is a dangerously misunderstood term, often used to equate a “white race” to “racist.” This misuse of the term betrays our historic effort to tackle racism, and instead increases racial tension in our culture. What does “whiteness” really mean?

‘Whiteness’ is not a reference to a ‘white race’

‘Whiteness’ is not as a reference to “race”, but a construction of “race” — a hierarchical structure to which ‘elites’ demand conformity in order to maintain power.

“Give the people someone to look down on…”

Deep in the chaos of our modern civil rights movement, echoes of past sentiments are rising again:

What is the value of the term ‘whiteness’?

Shining the Light on “Race” Construction

There is positive and rational use of the term ‘whiteness’ as a reference to the construction of race.

Racism in Relief, A Cry for Justice — ‘White’ vs. ‘Black’

Those racialized as ‘white’ people and ‘black’ people have been swept up in the same game of racial construction, pitted against one another. The elites hierarchy of ‘whiteness’ intentionally cast ‘black’ people as the bottom rung of “the races”. As the elites fallacious racial narratives permeated culture and time, black people found themselves systematically oppressed, and on the bottom of nearly every societal outcome, from education to employment.

The modern scheme of racial wedging benefits ‘elites’

We have reached another historical opportunity to refine our culture, to erase fallacious racial narratives, elitism, and toxic behaviors.


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