A Look Back at a 2015 Interview

Jill Stein 2015 “Rising Tide” conference, By Bart Everson

K.B. — What do you think is a citizen’s responsibility to vote?

K.B.- Is it worth it to vote your conscience, if the outcome might be bad for the whole country?

K.B. — The Greens have worked hard and played by the rules to get on the ballot. What do you think about top-two primaries?

K.B. — What is the value of parties?

K.B. — Where does Green money come from?

K.B. — You were quoted saying, “The 1% has become unhinged.” They are our fellow citizens, where do they fit?

K.B. — You went to Harvard and you are a doctor, are you in the 1%, have you ever been?

K.B. — What is the responsibility of the 99%? Only 15% of people try to influence public policy.

K.B. — The electorate has changed much since 2008. We have 5 million new minority voters. Do you think you can represent minority voters as a white American?

K.B. — Do you think it is important for citizens to have leaders of the same identity at the table of power?

K.B. — Our country is divided right now between race, religion, left vs. right, and gender. What is our national identity?

K.B. — The electorate is ripe for change. Can the Green party win in 2016?

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