Smithsonian’s controversial panel on ‘White Culture’

“Whiteness” is a dangerously misunderstood term, often used to equate a “white race” to “racist.” This misuse of the term betrays our historic effort to tackle racism, and instead increases racial tension in our culture. What does “whiteness” really mean?

‘Whiteness’ is not a reference to a ‘white race’

‘Whiteness’ is not as a reference to “race”, but a construction of “race” — a hierarchical structure to which ‘elites’ demand conformity in order to maintain power.

Anti-racists go wrong when they equate ‘whiteness’ to ‘white people’, scapegoating a ‘white race’ as the source of rac- ism. …

NickR.96, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia

Why do we have 538 electors? Who chooses them? Does your vote count? What does the 3/5ths Compromise have to do with the Electoral College?

The US American system of governance can be confusing, with many levers working together, checking and balancing, in an effort to resist tyranny and protect individual rights.

The Electoral College is part of the US’s system of checks and balances. How does it work?

It Starts with the Census

The Electoral College’s foundation is the decennial census. The census’ main function is to count the population in order to allocate 435 federal House representatives. Why 435? The number of representatives…

If we are stuck trying to find solutions on issues of “race”, it’s because we are thinking within a fictional reality, set up by those in power.

There is no such thing as “race”, but there is rac- ism. The root isn’t “race”, the root is power.

A New Orleans based group, The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, has moved the language about racism toward power dynamics within communities (versus thinking about racism as explicit hate from one person toward someone of a different “race”) and fueled a precipitous movement to “Undo Racism” — to undo the fictional frame…

By Sagearbor

We are not red and blue. We are not Republicans and Democrats — it is impossible to define our political reality within this frame. Our country has been captured by two private political clubs which rule us from local election boards to the Supreme Court. The American electorate, however, rejects the parties. Only 20% of the electorate join each faction.

The two parties are exactly what James Madison warned us about in Federalist #10:

“Men of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs, may, by intrigue, by corruption, or by other means, first obtain the suffrages, and then…


We all want to prevent fascism from taking hold in America, but what is fascism? Is it only a right wing phenomena? What do we call extreme left wing politics?

Fascism is an ill defined term, we have to admit this, but there are a few things that commonly indicate fascism:

Coupling of the state with businesses/industry/institutions
Controlling people’s beliefs
Controlling people’s speech
Controlling people’s behaviors
Demanding conformity, or else punishment

America is a young country, a bold experiment in people’s ability to self govern. …

A Letter to the Editor About Dr. Levine and the Dunk-Tank Incident


Community is a relationship. If we want to improve relationships of the community, we should strive for understanding — not irrational, vicious, and bigoted attacks.

Communication against the firemen’s fundraiser was extremist and uncalled for. It’s tradition for people to cross-dress for dunk-tanks. Drag is historically a theatrical form of entertainment and art. Think Monty Python etc.

What was the controversy with the firemen’s dunk tank for those who viciously attacked on behalf of Dr. Levine? Let’s review some of the comments from Twitter:

“Bloomsburg is a hot-bed of right-wing insanity”; “I grew up in a small town in PA…

A Look Back at a 2015 Interview

Jill Stein 2015 “Rising Tide” conference, By Bart Everson

What happened to The Greens for Election 2020? The Democratic Socialists co-opted the New Green Deal, with the permission from the Democrats…and Greens seem to have disappeared.

Let’s revisit my interview with her from 2015:

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate from 2012 and exploratory candidate for 2016, says the Greens “are the only game in town.” She affirms that Greens are fire-walled from corporate money, hold core American values, and can unite a fractured electorate around a struggle for democracy and justice.

The Greens are the most solidified third party, behind Libertarians. They have chapters in 35 state…

Murders of innocent Americans are only samples of the lethal affect anti-black sentiment has, in U.S. culture.

Us against Them? Race as a Political Wedge
Don’t blame the cops. Don’t blame “white” people or “black” people, nor southerners or conservatives.

Trayvon Martin was killed by a Hispanic man in Florida; Eric Garner was killed in the “progressive” city of New York by “white” and “non-white” officers; Freddie Gray was apprehended by half “white”, half “black” officers; Philandro Castile was killed by a Hispanic officer in a Democratic stronghold; George Floyd died as an Asian cop kept guard.

Cops and black…

NYT Cartoon and Makor Rishon Response

On April 25th, 2019 the New York Times published a cartoon, depicting U.S. President Trump as a Jewish man, hunched over, blind, with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu depicted as a dachshund dog on Trump’s leash. It was overtly anti-Semitic.

In response, another cartoonist changed the original antisemitic NYT cartoon into an anti-Palestinian one, showing the dachshund with a “BDS” emblem on its collar, instead of a Star of David.

This tit for tat displays the proxy fight Jews all over the world are being forced into, as a defense for Israel. …

Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States

No one can escape the web of racism that infects our American psyche. We all easily believed that old white men, conservatives, and southerners were the home and homogeneous actor in racism.

But, ho! We all meet on the floor of racists!

Now that we’re all here, let’s share what we are learning. Not just to our friends, behind closed doors; or on campuses, where resumes are built; as part of non-profit fundraisers; or as part of a smear campaign against the political opposition.

I would like to see our leaders from across the political and skin-tone spectrum on stage…

The True L(l)iberal

What you don’t know can hurt others. B.A., B.S., International Politics, International Agriculture, Sustainable Community Development

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